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Society of Women Engineers – Lehigh Valley Section

Scholarship Application Instructions 2024

In order to be considered for a 2024 scholarship, you must fill out the forms below and submit them along with some basic information on the application form (link below). The application form must be received before the application deadline of 5pm EST on Sunday, January 28, 2024.​

Before you submit your application, you MUST have the essay and activities form completed, but the evaluation form and transcript may be submitted later or by others HERE. Acceptance letters and a supplemental form may be submitted with your application if available, but are not mandatory. No additional documentation will be accepted after the due date, with the exception of the evaluation form and transcript.  Evaluation forms and transcripts must be received by Sunday, January 28, 2024 at 5pm EST. 

You must replace the XXXX in each file downloaded with your 4-digit ID number (use the last 4 digits of your phone number). Use only your 4-digit ID number as identification in your submitted documents – please do not use your name as we judge applications anonymously. 

1. REQUIRED – Download the Essay and Activities form, complete the form, and save as Essay_Activities_xxxx.

2. REQUIRED – Download the Evaluation form, fill out the top of the form, and send to someone who knows you well and can compare you to other students in your grade. The evaluator can submit their evaluation form HERE

3. REQUIRED – Obtain a copy of your transcript from your guidance office or have them submit it directly HERE. Ensure that the file is named Transcript_xxxx. 

​4. Make a copy of your University acceptance letters, if available, and save as ACCEPTANCE_xxxx. 

5. OPTIONAL – If there is some fact, experience, talent, thought or quality that did not fit into our application, but which you would like us to take into consideration, let us know about it in a one page document that you save as SUPPLEMENTAL_xxxx.

Once files are ready to submit, APPLY HERE

If any files do not download properly, right click, and “save as” on your desktop. Make sure the file extension is .docx to edit. If additional assistance is needed, contact and put “scholarship” in the subject line.